Who are the VYFWBP?

We are a friendly community group, run by parents, who meet every Thursday morning in West Bank Park, York. Whatever the weather, school hols included, we spend a couple of hours in the woods and meadows of the Park, doing nature games and crafts, building or making things with materials we find, telling stories and singing songs.

We are open to all - with a contribution of £1 a family (to cover basic equipment) - so if you want to join us, see you on Thursday at 10am at the statue of Queen Victoria, at the top of the Rose Walk. (Bring something simple to share at snack time.)

For more information contact Elly at: westbankparkkids@gmail.com

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring frolics in the Park

We've had a lovely few weeks (so lovely, that I haven't had time to update our blog) in the Park, marred only by the fact that the Break in the Park Cafe has now closed - we will miss all the staff and trainees almost as much as we will miss their baking and hot coffee on cold days...

On Thurs 19th March I had planned to do tree bark rubbing, and indeed we did that, for a little while.  But our nest was still there, and some spirit moved me to bring our play tent to the park as well.  The children decided to set it up on the nest itself, and they 'built a fire' among the felled stumps and logs beside it.  We (parents) were getting told off for going too near it.  

The 26th was an important day with an important task to be done, but we got side-tracked by Holly's suggestion that we should look for pine cones.  Off we went on a hunting expedition and found alder, fir, and large mysterious egg-shaped cones as well as pine.  But we couldn't stay there forever - it was our last session before the cafe was to close, so we held a little ceremony to thank then and say goodbye.  We made cards, using leaves we had gathered and pressed in the autumn, and paper flowers for each trainee or member of staff, and we sang them some of our favourite songs.  

This past Tuesday, 2nd April, was a similar story - there was work to be done (in this case, making a felt picture) but we got side-tracked by the frogspawn - again - in fact we have been checking up on them every week for a month or so.  The spawn keeps getting eating but the undaunted frogs keep returning for another go.  Let's hope some of it survives to froggy maturity.  

The Felt picture was a bit of a challenge until we gave up on trying to involve the children.  Once they were busy playing 'What's the time, Mr Wolf?' things went a lot more smoothly.  The adults laid out the fibres - first east to west, then north to south, then a coloured 'design' layer of flowers and patterns.  Then we wet it with soapy water and the kids could join in again, with the rubbing - first gently, then more vigorously, till it turned to a lovely cloth! 

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Our beloved Queen Victoria

Our beloved Queen Victoria
We sometimes bow to her before we set off into the woods!